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Sauvetage des Animaux

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Luca Reyes
Luca Reyes

[S1E20] Culture Shock

At Boston General Hospital, Mattie Harcourt waits anxiously for Kid Flash to arrive. She immediately gets down to business, urging him to keep the heart safe. It's insulated against basic shocks in a streamlined medical backpack, but abrupt movement needs to be avoided. He has four hours before the heart is no longer viable for transplant. She dismisses his attempts at small talk, and sends him on his way.

[S1E20] Culture Shock

At the Wests' house, Mary tries to save the dinner, and Rudy watches the news. Iris reports on the destruction of Ice Fortress-5 by several Leaguers, but the news gets worse as she relates how Queen Perdita died on the operating table. They're shocked to see their son has failed his mission at a terrible cost.

In the middle of the night, Meowth tries to wake up Jessie and James so they can try to steal the painting. He's then confronted by the ghost of the maiden, who causes him to fall asleep, and then wakes up James. She also appears to Brock, telling him that she's been waiting for him. The next morning, both Brock and James are missing, and the others are looking for them. After finding them, the old lady appears again, reminding them of her warning about the ghost of the maiden; Pikachu shocks James and Brock, restoring them to their normal selves. They all head inside, and the old lady explains how all young men passing through Maiden's Peak fall into the ghost's curse; they decide to protect themselves from the ghost by buying a large quantity of ofuda, or anti-ghost stickers, and placing them around the shrine. However, when night comes, they note that the stickers prove useless, and the ghost of the maiden returns. Ash and the others try to prevent Brock and James from being pulled out by the maiden. 041b061a72

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Nous croyons en un monde où les animaux seront respectés, et...


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