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Sauvetage des Animaux

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Luca Reyes

New! Kunci Jawaban PR Kimia Intan Pariwara Kelas X Semester 2 174: Learn and Master Chemistry with This Answer Key

The original data for this dataset were captured on the NTSYSpc version 2.1 computer program and encoded. The new format has a header section that includes date, plant identification number and file type. The new v2.2C format files allow for easier loading of the data into another program. The old v2.1 format files have a format that can be opened with NTSYSpc version 2.1. Older formats will not be compatible with newer versions of NTSYSpc or other programs.

New! kunci jawaban pr kimia intan pariwara kelas x semester 2 174

Microsatellite alleles were scored using the software to calculate standard deviation, expected heterozygosity, and observed heterozygosity. The data were analysed using NTSYSpc version 2.1 programme. After constructing the matrix of similarity, the matrix was clustered by UPGMA algorithm using SAHN method. Grouping patterns and dendrograms were estimated by PCA. The resulting matrix of similarity was clearly displayed on a two dimensional graph. The two dimensional graph was achieved by using Eigen value and Eigen vectors of PCA of the matrix of similarity (Figure 2B).

The new FTNTSYSpc software version, 2.2, now provides the Genlyx() command. The Genlyx() command, which is part of the'species' package, fits a model based on a generalised linear model (GLM) (Chambers and Hastie 2000 ). The added genlyx() procedure is used by FTNTSYSpc's Nitex() command, which performs a generalised nitex() model. These models can fit a mixture model to detect presence or absence of true species in a dataset that is based on OTU data. This model is available in FTNTSYSpc ver. 2.2. The ntsys.ini file is also updated with new parameters, that include the -g (generalised) flag. FTNTSYSpc ver. 2.2 is available to download at and updates page (20.3 MB). See also the previous help file for important information about running this program.

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