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The Jets - Make It Real _VERIFIED_

"Make It Real" reflects back upon a past relationship one year since the singer met her lover. The singer is reminded of the happy times in their relationship and wants another opportunity to rekindle the passion: I loved you / You didn't feel the same / Though we're apart, you're in my heart / Give me one more chance to make it real."Make It Real" was the group's fifth (and, to date, final) top-ten hit on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, where it spent two weeks at number four in late June and early July 1988. On the adult contemporary chart, the song was the group's second number-one hit (following "You Got It All" from the previous year).[3] On the Hot Black Singles, "Make It Real" reached number twenty-four.[4]

The Jets - Make it real

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I hope this message finds you all in good health and spirits. I wanted to take a moment to share a personal story with you all. My family is currently going through a difficult financial crisis and we're struggling to make ends meet.

If you're able to go one step further and donate just $1 a month on Patreon, it would make a significant impact on our lives. Every little bit helps and your kindness and generosity will not be forgotten.

"I think it's so great that CEOs and executives are making themselves accessible to the public and responding to things like this," Baghdassarian said. "It really helps people connect with a company."

"We saw his tweet and it wasn't hard to schedule the plane to fly him home," Johnston said. "Now we obviously can't have our customers dictating their routes all the time, but when we can listen to our customers, react quickly and do something cool, we obviously make the effort to do so."

I always look forward to flying with pilots new to the 767/757. These individuals are usually fresh from simulator training at our flight academy. They have suffered the lacerations of being whipped to proficiency. They have spent over a month in the stale and frigid climate of our classrooms and simulators. They are eager to partake of the real world and the real airplane. Part of my job as a check airman is to make it real. But on some occasions, the reality goes beyond my script. Such was the case on my trip with Rich.

With the Bengals beating the Patriots, and Steelers beating the Raiders on Saturday, and the Packers beating the Dolphins on Sunday, the Jets are now in position to make the playoffs for the first time since 2010 by winning their final two games, at Seattle and Miami, and the Patriots losing one of their final two.

1990s The Best of the Jets was the first Jets best-of, and it's still one of the best, featuring their biggest upbeat hits and ballads, including the irrepressible "Crush" as well as "Make It Real" and "You Got It All." While their cover of "La La (Means I Love You)" isn't their most inspired moment, tracks like "Curiosity," "Cross My Broken Heart," and "Another You" reflect the mix of dance, urban, and pop that made the Jets' definitive singles so distinctive. The album also includes two different versions of "Special Kinda Love": the album track and an extended club mix. 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of the Jets is probably the best Jets retrospective available, but this compilation has a good enough mix of hits and album tracks to make it worthwhile.

The New York Jets take great pride in a long-standing, year-round commitment to our community. Programs funded by the New York Jets Foundation look to positively influence the lives of young men and women in the tri-state area by supporting youth football, preventing bullying, and promoting social justice, particularly in disadvantaged communities. From launching football teams at urban high schools to unifying our community for change to fostering positive school environments, the New York Jets invest in programs that make a difference in the lives of others. In addition to our focus on youth development, the Jets support the efforts of the Lupus Research Alliance, numerous established charitable organizations and causes sponsored by the NFL. 041b061a72

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