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Doraemon X 0.7 APK: A Must-Have Game for Doraemon Fans

Doraemon X 0.7 Download: A Visual Novel Simulation Game Based on the Popular Anime


If you are a fan of Doraemon, the iconic blue cat robot from the future, you might be interested in trying out Doraemon X, a visual novel simulation game based on the popular anime series. In this game, you will play as Nobita, a young boy who often gets into trouble and relies on Doraemon's gadgets to solve his problems. However, things take a different turn when Doraemon gives Nobita a special gadget that changes his life in unexpected ways.

What is Doraemon X?

Doraemon X is a fan-made game developed by mayonnaisee, an independent game developer who is also a fan of Doraemon. The game is inspired by the anime and manga series created by Fujiko F. Fujio, but it has its own original story and characters. The game is intended for mature audiences only, as it contains adult themes and scenes that are not suitable for children.

doraemon x 0.7 download

Download File:

What are the features of Doraemon X 0.7?

Doraemon X 0.7 is the latest version of the game as of June 2023. It has many features that make it an enjoyable and immersive game for fans of Doraemon and visual novels. Some of these features are:

  • A rich and interactive story with multiple endings and choices that affect the outcome.

  • A colorful and detailed graphics style that resembles the anime.

  • A variety of characters to interact with, each with their own personality and backstory.

  • A dynamic soundtrack that matches the mood and atmosphere of the game.

  • A simple and intuitive user interface that allows you to customize your preferences and save your progress.

How to download and install Doraemon X 0.7?

Download links for different platforms

Doraemon X 0.7 is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. You can download the game from various sources online, such as [Giz Gamez](^1^), [YouTube](^2^), or [Patreon](^4^). However, be careful when downloading from unknown or untrusted sites, as they may contain viruses or malware that can harm your device. Always scan your files before opening them and use antivirus software to protect your system.

Installation steps for Windows, Mac, and Linux

The installation steps for Doraemon X 0.7 are similar for all platforms. Here are the general steps you need to follow:

  • Download the game file from a trusted source and unzip it using a program like WinRAR or 7-Zip.

  • Open the folder where you extracted the game file and look for the executable file named "DoraemonX.exe" (for Windows), "" (for Mac), or "" (for Linux).

  • Double-click on the executable file to launch the game. You may need to allow permission for the file to run on your device.

  • Enjoy playing Doraemon X 0.7!

How to play Doraemon X 0.7?

Gameplay overview and tips

Doraemon X 0.7 is a visual novel simulation game, which means that you will mostly read the story and make choices that affect the outcome. The game is divided into chapters, each with a different scenario and setting. You will interact with various characters, such as Doraemon, Shizuka, Gian, Suneo, and others, and use Doraemon's gadgets to help you in different situations. The game also has some mini-games and puzzles that you can play to earn points and unlock extra content.

Here are some tips to help you play the game better:

  • Save your game frequently, especially before making important choices. You can save up to 10 slots and load them anytime you want.

  • Explore different options and paths to see different outcomes and endings. You can use the skip button to fast-forward the parts you have already seen.

  • Pay attention to the hints and clues that the game gives you. They can help you solve puzzles and make better decisions.

  • Have fun and enjoy the story!

Characters and storylines

Doraemon X 0.7 has a diverse cast of characters that you can interact with and get to know better. Each character has their own personality, background, and role in the story. Here are some of the main characters that you will meet in the game:




The protagonist of the game. He is a lazy and clumsy boy who often gets bullied by Gian and Suneo. He is also in love with Shizuka, but he is too shy to confess his feelings. He is Doraemon's best friend and owner.


The deuteragonist of the game. He is a blue cat robot from the 22nd century who came to Nobita's aid. He has a pocket that contains many futuristic gadgets that he uses to help Nobita. He is kind and loyal, but he also has a weakness for dorayaki, a type of Japanese pancake.


The main heroine of the game. She is a smart and beautiful girl who is Nobita's classmate and crush. She is gentle and caring, but she also has a strong sense of justice. She likes to play the violin and take baths.


The main antagonist of the game. He is a big and strong boy who likes to bully Nobita and others. He is arrogant and selfish, but he also has a soft spot for his mother and his singing talent.


The secondary antagonist of the game. He is a rich and spoiled boy who likes to show off his wealth and possessions. He is Gian's sidekick and Nobita's rival. He is cunning and sneaky, but he also has a fear of dogs.


A supporting character in the game. He is a genius boy who excels in everything he does. He is Nobita's friend and Shizuka's admirer. He is polite and humble, but he also has a competitive streak.


A supporting character in the game. She is Doraemon's younger sister who also came from the future. She is yellow and has ears unlike Doraemon. She is more advanced and reliable than Doraemon, but she also has a weakness for melon bread, a type of Japanese pastry.

The story of Doraemon X 0.7 revolves around Nobita's life after he receives a special gadget from Doraemon called the "X-Ray Glasses". This gadget allows him to see through anything, including clothes, walls, and even thoughts. However, this gadget also comes with a price: it drains Nobita's energy every time he uses it, and it can also cause him to see things that are not real or pleasant.

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With this gadget, Nobita will face various challenges and opportunities that will test his morals, relationships, and fate. Will he use it for good or evil? Will he win Shizuka's heart or lose her forever? Will he discover the secrets of Doraemon's past or ruin his future? The choice is yours!

How to get the best experience from Doraemon X 0.7?

Compatibility and performance issues

Doraemon X 0.7 is designed to run smoothly on most devices, but it may encounter some compatibility and performance issues depending on your system specifications and settings. Here are some tips to help you get the best experience from Doraemon X 0.7:

  • Make sure your device meets the minimum requirements for the game. The game requires at least 2 GB of RAM, 4 GB of free disk space, and a graphics card that supports OpenGL 2.0 or higher.

  • Adjust the game settings according to your preferences and device capabilities. You can change the resolution, fullscreen mode, sound volume, text speed, and language from the options menu.

  • Update your device drivers and software to the latest versions. This can improve the performance and stability of the game and fix any bugs or glitches.

  • Close any unnecessary programs or applications that are running in the background. This can free up some memory and CPU resources for the game.

  • Contact the developer if you encounter any serious problems or errors with the game. You can report any issues or feedback through their [website], [email], or [social media].

Review and feedback from players

Doraemon X 0.7 has received positive reviews and feedback from players who have tried the game. Many players praised the game for its original and engaging story, its faithful and beautiful graphics, its diverse and likable characters, and its fun and challenging gameplay. Some players also appreciated the game for its humor, creativity, and fan service.

However, some players also criticized the game for its adult content, its technical issues, its limited choices, and its short length. Some players also expressed their dissatisfaction with some of the endings

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