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Sauvetage des Animaux

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Adrian Scott
Adrian Scott

[S1E5] The Haunting \/\/FREE\\\\

That night at Melinda and Jim's house, Melinda walks in and calls for Jim. Not getting a response, Melinda walks upstairs and hears a noise from the bathroom. Thinking it's Jim, she walks to the door to open it, but someone inside opens it first, it's Lou, standing with nothing but a towel wrapped around him, and also has some green stuff on his face. Melinda asks where Jim is and he says he doesn't know. In the basement, Jim is doing some fixtures and Melinda asks Jim to take Lou out so she can get some peace and quiet. Melinda doesn't know why they are friends, and Jim tells her that they known each other since they were 14, and Lou was the kind of person you call at 3 in the morning if your car wouldn't start or you got lost, and he had always been there for him. Melinda says she gets it, and Jim says he will take Lou out but it won't be at the movies and Melinda asks why, to which Jim responds, no margheritas. Later, Melinda is researching the fire at St. Michael's Home for Boys on the internet. She then comes across an article that says the exits had been chained shut, keeping the inhabitants from escaping. It goes on to say that four boys tragically died in the orphanage, showing pictures of them, one of them, Ernest Sutter, isn't haunting the house with the other three. Suddenly, the front door bursts open and four men fall in, including Jim and Lou, all appear drunk. Melinda asked if they had fun, and Lou said he kept Jim out of trouble and they all laugh. Jim tells Melinda the other two are Harry and Ralph, and three of them go into the kitchen as Jim apologizes to Melinda for the intrusion, but Melinda says it's fine, that she will stay at the Inn tonight. Melinda tells Jim that she figured it out, that it's not about Melinda not liking Lou, it's about Melinda not liking the way Jim is when Lou is around.

[S1E5] The Haunting


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