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Baby Doll [NEW]

Enraged, Baby-Doll points her rag doll, Mr. Happy-Head (a disguised machine gun), at "Spunky," when Batman makes his entrance, disarming both Baby and her guards. Batman and Robin explained that they managed to get the real Spunky to safety after explaining to him what was going on, and disguised Robin as him while also planting a tracking device on him so they could find where Dahl and the costars were being hidden. But then Baby's "mommy," who is revealed to be Baby's henchwoman named Mariam, attacks Batman and Robin with her impressive martial arts skills, giving Baby the chance to run away. The duo is quick to dispose of the woman and Batman continues to pursue Dahl while Robin frees the actors and guides them to safety.

baby doll

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The pursuit takes the pair into the Funland amusement park, where Dahl ends up in the House of Mirrors. As she lies in wait for Batman, Dahl sees her reflection in the various trick mirrors. One of them elongates her reflection to make her appear like what she might have looked like as an adult if not for her medical condition. But this, she realizes in her true voice, is just as much of an illusion as the recreation she was trying to make. Breaking down, she begins shooting mirrors at random, aiming to shoot Batman, before finally turning to the reflection of her real adult self. With tears streaming down her face, she shoots it and continues to pull the trigger even after she's exhausted all of her ammunition. Batman appears and gently takes the doll from her unresisting hands. She cries as she clutches tightly at Batman's leg, and he places an understanding hand on her head at her words: "I didn't mean to."

Baby Doll is one of the many alters of Kay Challis whose mind fragmented due to suffering abuse from her own father at the young age of five, somewhere along this time period her mind created baby doll, an incredibly innocent and childish personality, whose mental state is comparable to that of a small child.

3 Doll Options: Beige, Brown, or Peach. Each doll includes an innovative loop feature for interchanging hairstyles. Comes in a fabric tote with gift tag, dressed in a gender neutral outfit with magnetic pacifier.

To complete each step of the Style Your Own experience, you'll need to select a doll, a hairstyle and a playkit. You'll be able to remove any unwanted items once you review your cart. If you purchase the doll and remove all hairstyles, the doll will come with a loop feature on its head and arrive in a fabric tote.

Whether it's time for bed or time to play, each outfit created for our dolls is hand-tailored for a perfect fit. Pamper your little one with a wardrobe of adorable and fashionable looks, and share sweet snuggles with our blankets and buntings.

Dolls are ambassadors of our most treasured memories and dreams, each with its own, unique story to tell. At Ashton-Drake, our amazing selection of collectible dolls is here to help you bring those stories home and to share them with those you love. We pour all our creative energy into these lovable treasures, carefully handcrafting realistic baby dolls and child dolls, fantasy dolls, bride dolls, nostalgic dolls, and our lifelike monkey dolls.

Here you'll find baby dolls showcasing the talents of acclaimed Master Doll Artists like Linda Webb, Ping Lau, and Linda Murray. Extraordinary sculpting and superior-quality materials and construction capture each doll's unique personality and character. Hand-painting, hand-rooted hair, poseable and weighted bodies, custom-designed and expertly tailored costumes, even sound and movement; our attention to detail is what makes every Ashton-Drake doll so distinctive and so certain to be cherished.

Hold one of our So Truly Real lifelike baby dolls in your arms, or one of our newborn baby dolls (including many similar to reborn dolls), and you're sure to be amazed at how perfectly it captures the wonder of cradling a real baby. Our authentic silicone baby dolls are breathtaking, to hold and to touch. You'll also find stunning porcelain dolls, dolls with our innovative Hold That Pose! technology, dolls that capture your favorite film and television characters and so much more. Don't wait. Shop Now!

Our products are for artists serving the high-end collector doll market, and not for children. Our Bountiful Baby kits have been tested to meet USA CPSIA requirements, and have also been tested to meet the more stringent European Standard EN71.

The next day, Spunky, the former kid actor and now musician is playing guitar in his garage when a woman crosses in front of his place with a baby carriage. She approaches Spunky and tells him to lower the volume of his music since her baby needs to take a nap. Spunky tells her that he needs to practice, but from the carriage comes Baby Doll and uses knockout gas on him to capture the last member of the cast.

In Pokémon UNITE, Baby-Doll Eyes is Sylveon's second move. The user stares at an enemy with baby-doll eyes, dealing damage and decreasing their Attack by 15% and decreasing their movement speed for a short time when this move hits. At level 6 this move is replaced by either Draining Kiss or Calm Mind.

Baby DollGeneral InformationReal name:Mary Louise DahlFirst Appearance:Baby DollCreated by:Paul DiniAffiliations:Killer CrocAbilities:Various baby-based weapons (such as a rattle which shoots out a knock-out gas, or a gun hidden in a doll)Uses her child-like appearance in combination with her acting skills allowing her to pass herself off as a little girlPortrayed by:Alison LaPlacaLarraine NewmanMary Louise Dahl AKA Baby Doll was a villain first featured in the Batman: The Animated Series episode of the same name. Baby Doll is portrayed as an actress driven to insanity by prejudice against a condition which prevented her from physically-aging. While intelligent and disturbed, she assumes the persona of a joyful sitcom little girl and gimmicks herself around television shows and children's toys.

Due to a rare medical condition that Baby Doll has, she looks like a toddler, even though she is actually over 30 years old. In her first TV appearance, she wore the same costume that she wore in her TV series "Baby Doll" and talks in both her adult and little girl voice, depending on which voice is the most relevant to the situation. She carried an old rag doll of hers called "Mr. Happy Head" which contained a hidden gun, with the end of the barrel disguised as one of his eyes. She wore a light purple dress with dark purple buttons and a Peter Pan collar, white frilly socks and panties, black Mary Jane shoes, had blonde hair tied in pigtails with ringlet curls with dark purple hairbows and had light blue eyes.

Freshmen are charged with collecting dolls from the community and finding stores that will donate dolls, taking precaution when selecting dolls: those with tattoos, piercings, makeup, and inappropriate clothes are automatically disqualified. The goal is for the dolls to represent the facial features of real African-American young girls and women.

New favorite babydoll cami from UO. Cropped above the waist with a plunging neckline, triangle-style bust and flowy bodice. Complete with an adjustable tie and a cutout at the back. Only available at UO.

Due to her hypoplasia, Baby Doll looks like a small kindergartner, even though she is actually over 30 years old. She has curly blonde hair tied in two pigtails with dark purple ribbons, light blue eyes and wears a light purple short-sleeved dress with a dark purple collar, cuffs, and buttons, frilly white panties, matching ankle-length socks and black Mary Jane shoes. In her first TV appearance, she wore the same costume that she wore in her TV series "Baby-Doll" and talks in both her adult and little girl voice, depending on which voice is the most relevant to the situation. She carried an old doll of hers called "Mr. Happy Head" containing a hidden gun, with the end of the barrel disguised as one of his eyes.

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